Tom’s Special Video

“Tom” is short for tomato. God, this is going to be a great video series. The following video is a sequel to (or a repeat of) this video.

And Tom (which is short for Tommyboy), watch how I prune the tomato plant in this video. Then go out and prune all your tomato plants exactly the same way. Otherwise, you’re likely to have a lot of stupid-looking tomato plants with crappy, unripened tomatoes all over the place (like my crop from last year).

Tomato Plant Video

It’s as exciting as it sounds. I recorded this video on my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera (not a video camera). The picture and sound quality suck. Then I had to compress it down to a WMV before uploading it to YouTube, so don’t expect high quality here.

The tomato plants have been in my green house for six weeks. Before that they were tiny transplants that I put out in the green house during the day and brought in at night for two weeks. I didn’t take photographs of my tomatoes this year, but I’ll come back in a month and record another stimulating video to document their growth.

Gardening In The Fall

iain holding shovelI took this morning off, renting a garden tiller for 4 hours, preparing my garden for the garlic I’ll be planting soon. Afterwards, my children helped me get dirty.caitlyn in the garden

Garlic, like most hardy plants, establishes its roots in the fall, then slowly grows in the near frozen ground. Sometimes you’ll see green shots coming up through the snow.

We grew kale once in Newfoundland. It’s a rough, leafy vegetable that you cook like cabbage. It’s sweet, I think. We were harvesting it after the snow fell; it’s hearty.