The Fish Show

The tv fish tankTV Fish Tank almost rivals the Fish Highway:

A friend of mine had a broken television, and for whatever reason, I decided I should make it into a fish tank. As a word of warning to anyone who may attempt something similar, this project has been a little difficult, mostly because I’ve never built a fish tank before, and it’s hard to get something that looks good and is also capable of holding 120 lbs of water. It’s easier if you use a smaller tv.

Your Name’s Uniqueness

Find out if you’re unique or manique by searching our yournotme database to see how many people in the uk have the same name as you. Much like the word manique, which doesn’t exist and I made up because I couldn’t think of a word that rhymed with unique some people who use the site don’t show up on our search.

The result of my name:

You don’t exist. Go and look in the mirror. If you see something then we’re wrong else you’re some kind of magic pixie, elf, carrot or vampire. Sorry.

It’s Groundhog Day! and the peasants rejoice

Happy Groundhog Day! THE best holiday in the history of holidays! (Like Christmas, what the hell is that all about?)

So Phil came out of his hole today and “said” there’s gonna be 6 more weeks of winter. Unlike every other year where winter ends in May or June sometime, apparently it’s going to end in the middle of march this year! Hallelujah! Praise Phil!

Go visit freakin’ Punxsutawney Phil before you make him mad!

For only $10 (plus $2 per greeting card sent to you PERSONALLY by Punxsutawney Phil), YOU TOO can be a part of his club!

French Film Isn’t French

Film made in France ruled not French:

The film, which lands in theatres in North America on Friday, was shot in France using French actors and a French crew.
However, the administrative court ruled that the film does not qualify as Gallic because the production company behind A Very Long Engagement, 2003 Productions, is backed by the Hollywood studio Warner Bros.

(via Dave Barry’s Blog)