Review: “Back To The Future” Trilogy

  I watched the Back to The Future Trilogy last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by most of it. Despite a few cuss words here and there, it’s G-rated entertainment that would probably hold up well for kids today. Every scene has Michael J. Fox dealing with another potentially universe-destroying space-time paradox. The second movie can be skipped and not even missed, though it’s tolerable. The first and third movie are the most exciting and engaging, and it’s all good fun. It’s entirely harmless, but I guess that makes good family entertainment.

The original “Back to The Future” was released 26 years ago.

God is Dead

I don’t know why this isn’t bigger news: NASA Completes 52-Year Mission To Find, Kill God:

After more than five decades of tireless work, brave exploration, and technological innovation aimed at a single objective, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced Wednesday that it had finally completed its mission to find and kill God.

“I am ecstatic to tell you all today that we have beheld the awesome visage of the supreme architect of the cosmos, and we have murdered Him,” jubilant administrator Charles Bolden said after being drenched with champagne by other celebrating NASA employees. “There have been innumerable setbacks, missteps, and hardships over the past 50 years, but we always stayed true to our ultimate goal and we never gave up.”

“We finally got the son of a bitch!” Bolden continued. “He’s dead! God is dead!”