Best Hats At Royal Wedding

best hats at royal weddingWilliam and Kate finally wed today, bless their hearts.

From Royals marry as world watches:

The Queen wore an Angela Kelly-designed single crepe wool primrose dress with hand-sewn beading at the neck in the shape of sunrays, as well as a matching double crepe wool tailored primrose coat…

That’s all I wanted to know.

This is the best site about the wedding: The 18 Most Awesome Hats At The Royal Wedding.

Update: See the best hat at the Royal Wedding.

Roger Ebert On The Quintessence Of Dust

A quintessence of dust, a beautiful essay by Roger Ebert reflecting on existence, science, art, and the universe.

My curiosity leads me to science, my admiration for logic leads me to the Theory of Evolution, my pride rejects simplistic fables to describe the facts I observe. Where do I find my consolations? There are many ways to be consoled. Everyone deserves to find their own way, and find such peace as they can. I find my greatest consolations come from Art.