My Vasectomy is a pictorial description of a guy’s vasectomey: For various reasons, we decided to have a vasectomy in Feb 2001. Pros: No more children, no more condoms, very convenient, a day trip out to clinic. Cons: No more children, surgery, the possibility of complications, £250 (about $375). There is a fair amount on the Web describing what happens, but there is very little to show you what actually

Today’s quote – phonies

Those we call "phonies" may not, in fact, be phonies at all. They may merely be poor suckers who don’t know who they are. They may not be trying to "put on airs" but may simply be lost souls who haven’t established their own personal ambiences. – Harlan Ellison

Body Mass Index

I’ve seen a lot of reports on the news the past week about the Body Mass Index (BMI), a measure of body fat based on weight and height. Here’s one online calculator to determine your BMI. I’m in the Normal Weight range. This has been around for a long time; I wonder why it’s getting a lot of press lately.