How Much Is Your Motorcycle Insurance?

I pay $45 per month for most of the year (March to October, I think), totaling $360. It only includes theft and liability, I think. Come to think of it, I may not have theft on it; I’ll check tonight. Related Posts: – Why Is My Motorcycle Insurance Cheaper? – My Motorcycle Insurance

My 30 Year Old Motorcycle

My 30 year old Honda CB550 motorcycle is making me nervous. Last year its electrical system wasn’t acting normal: fuses would blow every week or so. I eventually put a higher voltage (I think) in it, which seems to have solved the problem, but it made me nervous: I fear the 30 year old part will break on me while I’m traveling fast on a highway. I put the battery

Motorcycles Have Fuses

My motorcycle died the other day. I was in the passing lane of the causeway (near the same place I almost crashed into a dump truck), when the bike suddenly lost power – it just died. I coasted to the side of the road, then checked the obvious stuff: gas, kill switch, oil… all okay. I called a local repair, who picked the bike up and brought it to their