Another Tsunami Video

This one shows what looks like a town being washed away (when the camera is pointing to right). VIA THE PRESURFER. A warehouse on the left is swept into a building as the water rises about two storeys high. I’ve also been reading on about the radiation leaks from the damaged nuclear reactors. It’s a nightmare. Elevated levels of radiation, meanwhile, has turned up in vegetables, raw milk and

Bhopal Disaster Discussion

Welcome to the first discussion about anything serious on Steel White Table. The topic of the Bhopal disaster was brought up by the right honourable Tommyboy. First off, let’s read some of the Wikipedia entry on the Bhopal disaster: The Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical) disaster — also known as the Bhopal disaster or the Bhopal gas tragedy — was an industrial catastrophe that took place at a Union Carbide

CBC Modifies Survey

As reported earlier for a Steel White Table exclusive, but also picked up by The J-Walk Associate News Service (JWANS), so I guess that means it wasn’t an exclusive, and we’re not really reporters, are we? Hmm… Anyway, remember that survey from a couple days ago that ended with this message? Unfortunately our quotas are full for responses from your category. The JWANS wrote, “Wow, nothing like making a

CBC Survey

I was asked to participate in a survey from while reading this morning’s news at I said yes and answered a series of questions about where I get most of my news: Radio, Internet, Television, Newspapers or Other. I get 90% of my news from or CBC Radio. I don’t watch TV and I don’t often read newspapers. I had no problem sharing this information because I’m