Winning Concert Tickets From CBC Radio

So I’m waiting for my daughter’s drama class to finish outside in the car, reading the newspaper with CBC Radio 2 on, when the host says “the first 2 caller wins tickets to see Jasper Wood in Moncton on March 2 at the Capitol Theatre.” Shit, I sayz. So I frantically dial the number as she repeats it (thankfully) 3 times, and no one answers – an answering machine. But

Can The Art of Watercolour Painting Be Taught?

I’m taking Watercolour: Introductory Steps to Confident Watercolour Painting at the local community college next month. The instructor, Joan Gregory, describes the course as …the very fundamentals of watercolour painting. The 1st evening we will be discussing materials… and I do my best to make it as simple as possible… also without too many supplies… just basic… and then, if you fall in love with watercolour, you can add more

Your Most Serious Injury

15 Things I’m Kinda Gonna Blog About showed up for me in the Random Posts section there on the right, which prompted me to write about one of those topics mentioned. I’ll probably address more of them for future posts. You’re welcome. My Most Serious Injury My future wife and I were on a 4-wheeler in the middle of nowhere, Newfoundland. We lost control on a rough section of a

I Can’t Drink Alcohol

I’m taking a prescription that can cause these side effects: headaches liver failure “life-threatening skin rashes” vision changes I have to get blood tests every few weeks to ensure the drug isn’t destroying my liver; not drinking alcohol helps reduce any stress on the liver. I have to take this for six months or so. No scotch! Christ. I WILL be cheating.

CBC Radio Wants Us

Phillip and I have been contacted by a local CBC Radio producer about a story idea. That’s all I can tell ya! I’ll post more about it when I can (if I can). Update: The story was about scotch!