Getting A Newfoundland Dog

newfoundland dogI’m a dog person. I grew up with dogs and had one as an adult, and now that I have an established family, I want one: I miss having a dog around.

I’m set on getting a Newfoundland Dog. I never had a Newfoundland Dog but I’ve always wanted one: they’re big, gentle, intelligent creatures that will knock you over when they show their affection.

Here are the steps I’m doing to look into getting a Newfoundland dog:

  • Find out how much Newfoundland dog breeders charge.
  • Find and research local Newfoundland dog breeders.
  • See if there are any local Newfoundland dog rescue centers, including checking the SPCA.
  • Visit Newfoundland dog breeders in the relative area (New Brunsiwick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec. Yes, I’m willing to travel to other provinces).
  • Find out the waiting time for a pup from the breeder.
  • Get a Newfoundland puppy.
  • Train the puppy.

I already know a lot about the breed; I’ve been researching this for years.

I’ll be posting my progress, updating this post with links to the new posts. The first step being looking into how much they cost.

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