The scissors have no edge

I’ve stopped reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs; it’s a memoir about a young boy growing up in an odd environment, with lots of unusual, often sad events that illustrate what’s influenced the boy’s perception of himself and the world. I grew tired of it, not caring about him or his mother. The writing seemed forced, as if the memoir was painful to tell; maybe that was the author’s

A trip to the mall

I don’t mind going to malls if there’s a purpose; I don’t like wandering around aimlessly, and I won’t go when it’s crowded. I do most of my shopping when stores first open. A co-worker and I went to the Oakland mall this morning; he had to return some boots and I just went along for the ride. Along the way we stopped at Costco where I bought Ship Fever:

What do you do when you’re bored?

I’ve been working in the U.S. for almost six months, and I tend to buy books when I get bored. I spend hours reading reviews and researching authors, then go to and try to limit my purchases. Because I’m in the States, I’m buying from instead of; books are cheaper down here. I bought these: Jacques Futrelle’s "The Thinking Machine": the Enigmatic Problems of Prof. Augustus S.

Running with Scissors

I’m reading Augusten Burroughs Running with Scissors now. Some reviews of it can be found here. The first chapter is narrated by a young boy (around nine), describing how his mom is getting ready to go out for a poetry reading and how he likes shining things. I’m not bored of it yet.