Why Are You Afraid of Bees?

The chances of being stung by a bee are very low, but I can imagine that the low hum of any insect can be fearful. Will My Neighbour’s Honey Bees Sting My Kids? provides good advice about the chances of getting stung and how to avoid it. I got stung once.  When I was 5 or so I smashed a rock on a bee that was on a clover flower.

You Can’t O.D. on Vitamin C™

I’ve been sick with a cold for the past few days. It began with a sore throat Sunday morning and by Sunday night I knew I was a goner. I stayed in bed, drank lots of fluids and took a bunch of vitamin C. The sore throat was gone by Monday, but then everything else came down the pipe: fever, coughing, sneezing, phlegm, headache, etc. It’s slowly been working its

Answers For Questions An Atheist May Get

A Blunt Atheist FAQ is a lengthy list of questions that atheists often receive, including brief but concise (and sometimes amusing) answers: How do I tell my family and friends I’m an atheist? First you should think twice about telling. Some people can’t take it, so healthy self‐preservation might call for keeping it a secret or admitting to some lesser sin, like agnosticism or unitarianism. Atheists hate Christians! Some might,

How To Act Insane or Crazy

How to Act Crazy Be subtle. Don’t overdo it. Instead of screaming swear words at people and claiming to be “seeing” things, maybe talk in a low whisper and look at “someone” next to you who isn’t there. Repeat yourself. Pretend you did not. Insist you did not. Take a sip of soda, hum while you do it, and insist it isn’t you. But be warned: Be ready to reveal