What Does That Rhyme With?

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary.

One and two syllable Last Syllable Rhymes of table:

abel, able, amble, babel, bible, bramble, cable, campbell, crumble, cymbal, fable, feeble, foible, fumble, gable, gamble, gambol, garble, gerbil, gerbille, global, grumble, herbal, humble, jumble, label, labile, libel, marble, mobil, mobile, mumble, nimble, noble, nubile, ramble, ruble, rumble, sable, scramble, semble, shamble, stable, stumble, symbol, table, thimble, timbale, tremble, tribal, tumble, umbel, warble, wimble

I was going to write a poem about Steel White Table using all those words, but gave up after:

Some people read Steel White Table
Including the guy named Abel
(Although you may think it’s a fable)

Incidently, for that:

at, bat, batt, begat, bobcat, brat, brickbat, cat, chat, chitchat, combat, cravat, defat, dingbat, doormat, drat, fat, flat, format, gnat, hat, hellcat, hepcat, housesat, jurat, landsat, mat, matt, matte, muscat, muskrat, nonfat, pat, plat, polecat, rat, sat, scat, scatt, skat, slat, spat, splat, sprat, stat, tat, that, thereat, tomcat, vat, whereat, wildcat, wombat

Edinburgh Does Not Rhyme With Pittsburgh

So That’s How It’s Pronounced? – A Guide to Scottish Placenames:

…do try to sound the “r”, although not with the exaggerated trill usually given it by so-called ‘Scotch’ comedians. But, again this to my English readers, don’t even attempt to get the guttural sounds of “ach” and “loch”. You will only strangle yourselves. To say “ach!” correctly you need generations of Scots blood behind you, and you must have been born with the peat-reek in your nostrils, and the sight of the hills as the first thing you clapped your eyes on.

For Islay, my favorite scotch producing region:

The Inner Hebrides island of Islay is pronounced I-lah with both the ‘s’ and ‘y’ silent. On the other side of the country in Angus, the lovely Glen Isla is pronounced the same way.