Popular unpopular books

The Flashback Underground Archive has a collection of books that I’ve seen mentioned in 2600 – The Hacker Quarterly and other defiant-type publications. Some examples: The Basics of Hacking: Introduction Guide to Lock Picking CIA Book of Dirty Tricks #1 (via J-Walk Blog)

Beatles Song Analyses

This is a cool reference for Beatles’ fans: In 1989 the American musicologist Alan W. Pollack started to analyze the songs of the Beatles. He published his first results on internet. In 1991 — after he had finished the work on 28 songs — he bravely decided to do the whole lot of them. About ten years later, in 2000 he completed the analysis of the official Beatles’ canon, consisting

Why scotch isn’t beer

I was recently asked: A few nights ago a friend and I dropped by a pub for a pint. While I was ordering my beer, I heard a guy talking about how scotch and beer have the same ingredients, that they’re only brewed differently, and that if you let beer age for 15 years you’d end up with scotch. Is this true? How can scotch and beer be the same