Bibleman Saves the Day!

I think they’re serious: Although Bibleman is a “superhero” character, the main thrust of our ministry is and will always be evangelical… Nothing is more precious than the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, our commitment is to the infallible Word of God — The Holy Bible. I wonder if their live show includes these exciting scenes from the bible: I will cause them to fall by the

The Gospel of Debbie

The Gospel of Debbie is from text… …discovered in an ancient linen backpack found in a cave outside Jerusalem, surrounded by what appeared to be earlyRoman candy wrappers and covered with stickers reading "I [heart] All Faiths" and "Ask Me About Hell." A parchment diary found inside the backpack appears to contain the musings of one Debbie of Galilee. An example: I saw him in the marketplace! Everyone says that