What is this?

Anybody want to take a guess? UPDATE: Yes, it’s a bike helmet with zip ties attached to it, but it has a name. Hint: It’s named after what it does.

The Mystery Of Magnetic Hill

Scientist tackles Magnetic Hill mystery: A Japanese scientist has won an award for duplicating the kind of optical illusion that for decades has baffled tourists who visit the fabled Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B. Magnetic Hill is an area that appears like you’re going up a hill when you’re really going down. It’s dumb-founding if you’re new to it: you take your car “down” a hill, put it in neutral,

The Oil Spill In the Gulf Of Mexico

Why is Oil in the oceans so frightening?: [The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico] is currently spilling an estimated 200,000 gallons of oil into the gulf of Mexico every day. In other words, every day, a new 125,000 square kilometers (or 50,000 square miles) of ocean will eventually get coated in oil when it finishes spreading out An excellent article describing how oil spreads through water and its

Liquorice Can Make You Dumb

Eating liquorice in pregnancy may affect a child’s IQ and behavior: Women who ate more than 500mg of glycyrrhizin per week – found in the equivalent of 100g of pure liquorice – were more likely to have children with lower intelligence levels and more behavioural problems. Glycyrrhizin is 30-50 times sweeter than white sugar. Twizzlers, the popular licorice-type candy, does not contain anything from the licorice plant, hence it contains

Digging A Hole Straight Down To The Other Side

Where would you end up if you dug a hole straight down to the other side of the earth? If you dig straight down, where will you end up? tells you. My town will end up with a hole in the ocean near the coast of south-west Australia: (via John Gushue… Dot Dot Dot)