16 Floors

I tried to walk up to the 16th floor of where I work today. I gave up at the 9th floor and took the elevator from there. I do walk down the 16 floors though.

A Sandwich

I made the best EVER sandwich for lunch today. So good I had to post about it. Toasted multi-grain bagel with butter. Horseradish mayonnaise Wiltshire bacon lettuce tomatoes onion sauerkraut mozzarella cheese Washed down with a fine lager. I should’ve taken a damn photo.

Toast Dipped in Coffee Or Tea

My grandfather used to eat toast dipped in tea for breakfast. He had no teeth. Today I dipped my buttered toast in coffee. I have all my teeth. Speaking of my grandfather, who’s dead but was a memorable character: – He had no teeth and didn’t wear dentures. – He was missing 3 or 4 fingers. – He often ate food straight from the can, unheated. – He used to

Irishtown Park In Moncton, NB

Our Sunday morning trek was in a park we never visited before: Irishtown Park, located just outside Moncton‘s city limit to the North. There was a rumor once that Mick Jagger once hiked there with his family during the Rolling Stones concert in Moncton a few years ago. The park is big. There are big maps that show your location, with some paths covered with gravel that are 10 feet