Bang Bang You’re Awake

A gunshot woke me up this morning at 5:30am. At least, it sounded like a gunshot. My bedroom wall faces my neighbor’s driveway, with about 20-25 feet separating our houses. I got up and had a shower, thinking what I should do: Check the basement under our bedroom: maybe the cat knocked something over. Walk outside by the bedroom wall to see if anything could’ve caused the bang. Check on


I bought two pants today (I felt compelled to write “two PAIRS of pants”. Why?) at Moores. I hate buying cloths, but my co-workers went there to buy a coat so I decided to wander around the place; and I am in need of new pants. I wear 32″ waist, 30″ leg; however, the waist has gotten a tad snug; I no longer need a belt. Anyway, that’s it. I

Business In Newfoundland

I’m headed to St. John’s, Newfoundland today for a business trip. My employer is a system integrator of an RFID proposal and I’m the Technical Architect; there’s a company in Newfoundland who specializes in RFID solutions, whom we may partner with. Phillip’s picking me up at the airport. His big plans for me: Go to a sushi restaurant. Visit NIFCO. I kissed a cod long ago (when there were cod).

Dr Pepper’s Flavour

I bought a bottle of pop today, which I haven’t done in 20 or more years. I’ll drink a little pop if I’m eating pizza or similar fast food and it’s provided for me, but I never buy it – we never have it in the house; but today, while buying a bag of chips, I not only bought a bottle of pop but it was Dr. Pepper, which I

Ode To Fred

I’m taking our 14 year old cat (the black and white one) to the veterinarian in about an hour to be euthanized. She never was a friendly cat, but she’s become worse the past year: swiping at our other cat and anyone who gets to close to her; not using the litter box regularly; isolating herself from everything. She still has that growth on her leg, but it hasn’t gotten