PayPal Pays Up

I received a $13.59 (U.S.) check from Paypal today with this cover letter:

As the Claims Administrator for this Litigation we are pleased to enclose herewith a check representing your pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund for your short form claim submitted in the In re Paypal Settlement Litigation. As approved by the Court, a $1.00 fee has been deducted from your payment to cover the cost of issuing and mailing your check.

I forgot all about it. I submitted an online form on a whim in August last year, doubtful I’d receive anything from them. The original notice about the claim stated:

If you make a timely, valid claim using the Short Claim Form, you will receive a payment of $50, unless the amount needed to pay all of the Short Form claims exceeds the Short Form Fund. In that case, the Short Form Fund will be divided equally among all Short Form Claimants.

The Short Form Fund must have maxed out. Damn.

Struggling With A Tent

I got a new tent for Father’s Day. I used to camp a lot growing up, but it’s been 15+ years since I’ve put up a tent. This one has seven flexible poles and three entrances. I wasn’t looking forward to putting it up, but my daughter was dying to try it out. I took some photos at each major step making it look painless, but it wasn’t.

I hate tents.

Building A Computer

new computer partsI finally bought a new computer. I bought it in pieces from (I’ll post about them later), who are on the other side of Canada, but with shipping it was still cheaper than buying the equivalent pre-assembled PC. It arrived in less than a week. Here’s the important stuff:

bloody knuckleIt took me five hours and two beers. The part I worried about the most was the easiest: attaching the CPU and its fan onto the motherboard. AMD included a poster-size diagram on how to do it. The hardest part was fitting the DVD burner and hard-drive into their drive bays. That’s how I got the blooded knuckles.

assembled computerThe last step in the process was plugging the power supply into the motherboard. Easy. Well, I discovered the power supply had a 20-pin connector but the motherboard had a 24-pin connector; there would’ve have been four empty slots if I tried to plug it in (if it even fitted). The specifications for both were “ATX”, which is some kind of standard; neither said anything about the pins required! Pissed me off.

The next morning while running weekly errands, I dropped into a few computer shops and no one had a 20 to 24-pin adapter, and some hadn’t even heard of one. Exasperated, I went home and decided to start phoning shops I didn’t visit. The first place said I didn’t need an adapter. I was incredulous. He said the power supply’s connector would fit in only one position; that is, it was dummy proof. Their shop did it ALL the time. He guaranteed it wouldn’t blow up my motherboard, asking if I had a PCI Express card and what my power supply wattage was, to be sure. So a big thanks to Ron at PCMedic in Dieppe for saving me 10 bucks. Seriously.

Putting together a PC from its pieces is a pain in the arse, but it IS cheaper buying the parts that way. I’d only recommend it if you’re tech-savy.

So the PC is up and running now except I haven’t hooked it up to the net yet.

Update: The motherboard’s chip failed six months after this. ASUS sent me a replacement motherboard.

Julian from the Trailer Park Boys

While returning some movies to the video store today, Jenny and I saw the guy who plays Julian on The Trailer Park Boys (you know, the guy who always has a drink in his hand). The second I saw him, I started to laugh because he looked exactly like he does on the show: the same facial expression, the same black t-shirt and puffed up chest, everything. Jenny was star-struck, which made it even funnier.Julia - Trailer Park Boys

Jenny said: “At first I couldn’t figure out who it was, and I was trying to remember his name to avoid one of those awkward moments when you’re talking to someone but have no idea who they are. Then he noticed me staring at him, and I suddenly realized it was Julian from The Trailer Park Boys. And I kept staring because it seemed so bizarre to see him walking out of our video store. Phillip couldn’t stop laughing… Next I want to meet William Shatner.”

A Vasectomy

I got a vasectomy today. It took about 10 minutes: you put on a backwards gown, lie down, they shave you a bit, wipe iodine or something over your groin, insert a needle to freeze your balls, massage your scrotum to find the tube that has to be cut, cut ya open, cut that tube, tie one end then burn it shut, insert another needle for freezing, tie up the other cut end of the tube, burn that end, tie the incision closed, and that’s it.

My balls feel 10 times heavier, but otherwise, little pain. They prescribed antibiotics, just in case, and Tylenol 3, if needed. I’m supposed to apply ice to that area often for the next couple of days to reduce swelling. They recommend a bag of peas instead of ice.

What did you do today?

Update: Phillip created a podcast documentary of the experience for your enjoyment.