Copying The Text In Message Boxes

I’ve been using Windows since it was released 20 years ago (I’m not proud – I’m just sayin’), yet I discovered this today: Pressing Ctrl+C (i.e. copy) when a window’s message box is displayed copies all the static text within the box. Go on, try it: Click the Start menu, then Run, then type in “asdf” (assuming you don’t have a program named that). Press Ctrl+C (that’s holding the Ctrl

I Don’t Want A Date With Drew Barrymore

I’m in Flint again, watching too much television; however, I just watched an excellent movie: My Date With Drew. It’s a documentary about a guy trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore: Don’t worry, it’s not like he’s expecting a relationship or anything. He’s just talking about one dinner here. Heck, the girl’s gotta eat, right? This is a movie for anyone who’s ever imagined getting a date with

Preparing Your House For Winter

Not included in How to Prepare Your Home for Winter is replacing your 30 year old windows that don’t work much better than wire-mesh. We had our first snow storm yesterday, and besides getting the snowshoes out for my trek to work and putting the polar bear traps out (they go hunting for frozen humans), I arranged to get all the windows (14) in my house replaced, in addition to

White Bread In Disguise

I learned today that some “brown” bread (associated with being healthier than white bread) is actually white bread with food coloring: Brown bread is not always more nutritious than white. In fact, the brown color is often just a marketing gimmick, just white bread with coloring added (like a fake tan). To tell if a brown bread is really more nutritious, read the label. If the first ingredient is “whole