Caught Speeding

speedingGondola Point Grand Prix posts photos of vehicles going over the residential speed limit (which is 50 km/hour) along with their recorded speed. The editor will remove the photos under specific conditions:

  • Voluntarily pay a speeding fine to the local police.
  • Donate to local charities.
  • Volunteer time to local charities.

I like this guy’s gumption. I’d do this for my area if I had a radar gun.

(via CBC News)

8 Replies to “Caught Speeding”

  1. Thanks for the thumbs up! I’ve taken down teh options to remove pictures, until I hear back from my lawyer. Just want to make sure that’s kosher

  2. jody email me at the city email…gotta tell ya a story bout this…happened on monday then delete this post….that is all….

  3. It came through let me know cause i replied…mayby you should come here and work as a “municipal” IT guru….

  4. oh yeah…how much is a radar gun….jesus jody…if ya can get money for new tits on the web why not a radar gun…I commit fifty bucks to jody’s radar gun….the cheque is in the mail….seriously…..I will put in tommorow jody…but only, yes a cavet…if jody promises to come visit me in the next decade i will double my donation…cause i wanna play with the gun too….

  5. I will take a quick drive on that road tomorrow to get my pic up on the site. What’s the problem? There are more then enough cops in the area that people drive incredibly slow. Jody, you would like the driving in this area. People come to complete stops. Hands at 10 and 2 and in general, they drive the speed limit.

  6. In the Rothesay area, the police have nothing better to do then to chase skateboarders away and pull people over for silly violations. I was on my way to the Ferry over here one day and I was doing about 80-85, posted limit was 80. A few cars ahead of me, a guy was pulled over and from judging the speed, I wouldn’t say he was going faster then 90, if that. The thing is though, towards the ferry, there is a steep hill and unless you ride your breaks, or have a 5 speed to shift into 3rd to keep the pace, gravity does it’s thing and you can easily go over the limit. There are no homes on the road and 2 big intersections that have great sight of traffic coming from both sides. It’s crap like that, that have people over here going way too slow. In Kingston, we are policed by Grand Bay RCMP and I rarely see them here. People here are always doing about 100 in the 80 zone. Not sure how many people complain because everyone drives like this.

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