As I posted about previously, this week’s episode of CBC Radio’s Spark includes an audio clip from the (now) famous Cauliflower Popcorn video.

You can listen to the full episode via the mp3 they make available. You can hear me around the 7:20 minute mark and during the credits at the end. The show is broadcast nationally at 11:30am (Atlantic Time) on Wednesdays.

Big thanks to Dan and the rest of the Spark crew for allowing me and us other common-folk to contribute to their show.

The cauliflower popcorn video:


  1. oh such unworthy unwashed common folk as we.. that we are allowed to comment in the presence of such omnipontence…ohhhh

    hey that was “cool” as steve said…geez, trailer park boys, hocky players, race riots, cbc spots……ole cole harbour the hot bed of culture, social angst, and physical prowess….eeeesh…

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