CBC Radio in Winamp

Can anyone tell me how I can listen to CBC Radio through Winamp?

I used to tune in using the direct URL page, but those links stopped working with Winamp a few months ago (at least on my machines). The direct URL page (when it was working) was an alternative to the main listening page. I always thought it should be the other way around.

I’ve emailed the CBC about this. They haven’t responded.

I also want to listen to the CBC through my wireless system again — which I can’t do through the main listening page.

I’m not a huge fan of Winamp, but I have it configured just the way I like it, and it took a long time to get it the way it is, so switching to another media player is not an option.

If anyone can find a solution to this problem, I’ll send you a copy of my next CD, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time – Vol. 2, provided CDs aren’t obsolete by the time I’m finished recording it. Thanks.

UPDATE: I followed the instructions left in the comments (thanks, Mr. Walkenbach) and it works — on Jody’s Winamp at his house, but not mine. I’ve updated Winamp and I still can’t connect. I keep getting an “error syncing to stream” message. So there must be a plug-in that’s messing things up. Now it’s a matter of uninstalling my plug-ins one at a time until it connects — which is probably won’t. (Deep sigh.) This isn’t the first time Winamp has done something like this. There must be something about my system it doesn’t like.

UPDATE #2: Does the direct URL page work for anyone? Does Winamp pick up the stream when you click one of the links? (Which is what it always used to do for me.) I have a plugin-free version of Winamp installed and it still won’t work for me. If I copy-and-paste one of the links into the play-URL option in Winamp, the stream eventually kicks in. But that’s not convenient. I click the Whole Wheat Radio link and it works. And as far as I know, it works with just about any media player. Simple. Why can’t the CBC do the same? The problem may be on my end, but I can’t figure it out. So I’ve decided to use Windows Media Player (not embedded) when listening to the CBC. I copied the links to the broadcasts I want to hear (the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia broadcasts) and pasted them to my desktop. I click their icons, associate them to WMP and the streams open in WMP by default now. Not great, but better than nothing. Thanks for your help, though.

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  1. In Firefox, a new window pops up with Windows Media Player playing the stream (embedded in the page).

    I know that already and I hate it. Why would they embed the player in the page? Why not stream the audio is a universal format? You’d think the CBC would be more on top of this kind of thing. At least they’re not using RealAudio anymore, but there’s still room for improvement.

    There must be some kind of hack or work-around that will allow me to tune in with Winamp.

  2. Thank Jim. I’m aware of that link too. But that’s the Toronto broadcast, Toronto news, etc. My day begins 2.5 before those guys. CBC should have links like that for all their time zones.

    I just attempted to switch to Windows Media Player. But I can only get v. 9 because my copy of XP ain’t exactly legal and I don’t think there’s a simple compressor-wider plugin for v.9 like there is for Winamp. Blaaah!

    And I still can’t get Winamp to do what it’s supposed to.

  3. I use Screamer Radio, it is very small, easy to use, and comes with over one hundred easy to navigate presets, done my name or country. Many of the CBC’s are on there, and the station you want is not, you can find the URL and ask the programmer to add it to the presets in the forum, or just add it to your “favourites” in the player.

    You can also record with the program.

    If the radio stream supports sending the Artist name and song, then is will show it. CBC Radio 3, and Iceberg Radio send this info, very nice feature.

    Not sure if it would work with your wireless system, since I know nothing about it.

  4. The Anchorage Police scanner is webcasted? Strange. I’m tuning in under the “Scanners” category with Screamer Radio. Odd.

    Not a bad little program for playing internet radio. Having the auto-volume on is a necessity if you’re switching between stations. It won’t play through my wireless system — but I might be able to find a hack around that.

    Right now I’m having fun just exploring on the preset stations.

  5. Screamer Radio is a neat little program. I would use it mainly as a directory for online radio. There appear to be hundreds of stations in the presets from all around the world (including police scanners, all the CBC broadcasts, etc). But I’m not that avid of a internet radio listener.

    I listen to Whole Wheat Radio and the CBC — and until recently I listened to them both through WInamp and usually through my wireless system (I’m not much for sitting at my computer to listen to music for any extended period of time). I’m disappointed I can’t use Winamp for both of them, but hopefully the CBC will catch on to universal audio streaming like Whole Wheat Radio and that’ll be that.

  6. Glad you like it, I had the programmer add about 10 more CBC Radio 1 cities.

    Thats too bad it won’t work with your wireless system, can’t help you there.

    I never noticed the police scanners, might have to have a little listen.

    By the way, I’ve started brewing beer, and your page with the videos helped out, thanks.

  7. I can’t play the streams with any player and have tried media player, winamp, copy and past e the url (which seems to be akamai but used to be a cbc link). Nothing works. I use Vista by the way which is a problem a lot of the time.

    Funny I had a similar but totally different problem with Radio3’s flash player a few weeks ago but it has resolved itself.

    Can anyone play CBC2 on their Mac?

  8. Something about the CBC website is weird. Some links go to akamai sites, some go tto CBC. Some work if you rename the link to end in “m3u”…

    Anyway, here is a link that works to CBC Radio2 Toronto, if anyone has other cities please pass them on becaue the same format for halifax will not work for me.

  9. By the way it is very hard to find help on Google so I do not know if anyone has an interest in listening to CBC online or not….i wonder if CBC monitors their traffic…it must have dropped if we are all having problems playing the links…..

  10. Dropping the following url for Vancouver CBC Radio One worked great for me (in Winamp)

    Thanks for the tips!

  11. I tried out screamer radio and found it to be a bit more flexible (and reliable) for recording streaming radio from cbc. Thanks again!

  12. Thanks for the Screamer suggestion. I couldn’t get CBC to work through any other advice. I have a clean install of WM 11.0, and I find it hard to understand why it wouldn’t stream CBC, but I tried much of this and other advice and couldn’t get it to work. Screamer worked instantly.


  13. I just gave Screamer another try. I like it. I don’t know if it would work with a wireless music system (my wireless system doesn’t work anymore), but I like it. It’s easy to listen to a variety of channels, make my favourites, record and automatically tag streams that play MP3s. And it took about a minutes to install and figure it out.

  14. When the pop-up appears right click in the player area and select Properties… in the context menu. Copy the Location URL and paste it into the Winamp Open URL... Right click on the entry and Bookmark it for future use.

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