5 Replies to “CBC Radio Wants Us”

  1. I hope it’s not about the time we got drunk in the bar in Saskatoon and made the bet with those circus performers. I’ll deny it. I swear to god, I’ll deny it.

  2. On second thought… No need to deny it. It DIDN’T HAPPEN. Newspapers fabricate stories all the time, right? And court documents have been known to be altered. And just because a half-man-half-woman two-bit circus entertainer named Jane-John says something doesn’t mean it’s true. And besides, you were in on it too. In fact, it was your idea! So your part might be true, but I had nothing to do with it.

    Wait a minute. Now I remember. I wasn’t even in Saskatoon at the time. I was at home going through a lengthy legal issue involving identity theft. Yeah, that’s the ticket. So I’m off the hook.

    I wish you success with your mysterious CBC endeavor.

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