CBC’s Outfront “Podcast”

I just listened to an audio magazine from CBC Radio’s Outfront, an episode called Nelson’s Girls (7mb, 15mins):

Megan Coles grew up in the small fishing community of Savage Cove, Newfoundland. Most men in the community taught their sons how to fish. But Megan’s father had only daughters. It didn’t stop him from teaching his trade to his girls. Now Megan is an adult and preparing to move to Montreal to live as a writer. She joins her father on his boat for one last fishing season.

I’m glad Outfront has gotten into “podcasting.” I’d never remember to tune in at a specific time.

I’ve been subscribing to more audio magazines lately, though I rarely listen to any of them for more than 10 minutes. I don’t ride a bus, a subway or drive a car; the only time I listen to the radio is when I’m in the kitchen preparing food or eating a small meal like breakfast or lunch. The shorter audio magazines, like the ones for Outfront, have subsequently become my favourites.

The CBC offers a variety of audio magazines here.

UPDATE (April 2007):
That didn’t last long. I couldn’t get into the habit of listening to regular podcasts. I must have a hundred hours of archived podcasts I haven’t been able to make time for. I might throw the shorter ones (the Outfronts) into my MP3 playlist and maybe they’ll come up once in a while on random play. But without a regular bus or subway commute every day, I can’t imagine I’ll ever have the time for it. I’d be more likely to listen to irregular postcasts — someone who does a podcast every few weeks or so. If, for instance, J-Walk put out a podcast once in a while, I’d make the time to listen. Whereas if he released a podcast every week, I wouldn’t bother.

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