CBC’s “The Hour” Likes To Link Ya

Larocque and Roll notes:

…starting on Monday, it [website visitor hits] completely exploded – from and average 20 visits a day to almost 60? What gives? Checking the logs, it appears there’s a large number of visitors coming from the CBC website, specifically, The Hour.
Apparently, if you link to their web site, they link back to you, which is pretty cool. Very nice of them, in fact.

Is that all it takes? I’m surprised, although it IS nice receiving hits from a popular website (J-Walk does it to me occasionally). Maybe they’ll do a segment on Popcorn Cauliflower.

Incidently, for the heathens who don’t listen or watch CBC, The Hour is a television current affairs program hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, who interviews interesting folks about interesting topics. I remember one show last year where they played a Bob Marley tune (Stir It Up maybe? I don’t remember) during the aniversary of Bob’s birth or death, and George says, “Isn’t that the greatest song ever?” Simple, straight-forward personal opinions like that make the show interesting, although I haven’t seen it in about a year; I don’t watch television anymore.

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