Cereal and a Hug

caitlyn by windowMy daughter lazily walked into the kitchen this morning while I was getting cereal, and exclaimed “Daddy!”, surprised I was there, as I’m usually gone to work when she gets up.

She ran into my arms asking “What are you doing, Daddy?”

So I got cereal for both of us and we ate at the table, wondering how blue the milk would get from the dried blueberries in the bowl.

6 Replies to “Cereal and a Hug”

  1. Vanessa never calls me “Daddy”. Your experience this morning would have been one that I would cherish forever.

  2. So teach vanessa to call you daddy.. She ain’t gonna do it unless you train her. Then she’s your minion for life! You can teach her to pick pockets.

  3. Jim: Thanks. She gets complimented a lot about her eyes. We’re hoping she doesn’t have to wear glasses as early as I did (around 4 years old).

  4. Too bad you couldn’t post a picture of you with your Elvis Costello glasses. Had Elvis Costello been cool when you had those glasses, would have been even cooler than you already were. I kid you not.

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