This site is getting some major changes soon: new theme and directory structure tweaks. I’ll try to keep current links working (using .htaccess settings), but if they break, tough shit.

Don’t worry: the site’s content will be just as boring.

7 Replies to “Cha-cha-cha-changes”

  1. How dare you change anything. I have kept Whole Wheat Radio identical to the day it first started and my users praise and love me for it. Change is for dinosaurs.

  2. Jesus… with all this high faluten exposure I will never be able to ask for assitance with web pages or computers from these too again…well I will…but I will have to get an appointment, there will be invoices…payments….esssh…

  3. You may notice a Tags section on the right vertical menu, where some words and phrases have a large size. A tag is like a category but more general; they’re keywords that help identify the content of an article. It’s supposed to help search engines or something index your stuff better. Or something.

    I haven’t been tagging my posts. Phillip has, which I didn’t know until I updated this site last night.

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