Cheap, Practical and Earth-friendly Potty

Build Your Own Sawdust Toilet for $25 or Less:

A sawdust toilet is ONE of three components. The system will NOT work without all components, which are:

  1. THE TOILET ITSELF. (A sawdust toilet is a collection toilet – the composting takes place in a separate outdoor bin.)
  2. A COMPOST BIN (a three-chambered bin is recommended). See our Garden Gallery for an example of this system;
  3. COVER MATERIALS (such as sawdust, leaf mould, peat moss, weeds, hay, straw, leaves,or rice hulls). Cover materials are critical to the success of a sawdust toilet. NOTE: Food scraps, fats, oils, meats, and any other discarded organic material you produce should also go into the humanure compost pile.

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