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  1. I got my copy of “NE: Season One” (all 8 episodes) a couple days after it came out (pre-ordered it). This isn’t the show at its best, but during the last two episodes of this set (especially the last one where Chris meets his brother), they began to hit their mark. I’m looking forward to “NE: Season Two,” which will probaby cost about $200.

    I agree about the packaging. It’s junk. As are most DVD “extras” anyway. I decode and copy my most-often-watched DVDs to DVD-Rs minus all the menus and junk so I that when I press PLAY, I can actually WATCH THE MOVIE.

    Rob Morrow was a jerk. Maybe he still is. The show did continue on without him, and it wasn’t ALL that bad (Morrow was far from being the most interesting character on the show); the show may have had a chance to get back on track without him, but I guess we’ll never know.

    By the time the show ended, even all the “small” characters like Walt (do you remember Walt?) we’re wonderful to watch.

    Northern Exposure, which was way ahead of its time, died before its time. Too bad.

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