Cockpit Voice Recordings From Air Disasters

Cockpit Voice Recorder Audio Files:

… a selection of actual audio clips from recovered Cockpit Voice Recorders. Some individuals may consider these files to be of a graphic nature, and viewer discretion is advised.

I’m surprised these recording are available. I haven’t listened to any and I won’t; I can’t imagine the horror the passengers would go through in an air accident, let alone the pilots.

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  1. The audio tells the entire story!!! As depressing as it is, this and many other audios do help in pre flight checks i.e. So that hopefully this doesn’t happen to a loved one. We learn by mistakes and unfortunatly lives we’re lost to so many, but hopefully air travel is alot safer then years ago. We need voice recorders and I think video recorders are in the near future and hopefully the airlines will decide to spend there money on more safty. I don’t think you can put a price tag on safty or human lives.C C C

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