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  1. Not colourblind!

    Though that doesn’t test for accuracy of colour recognition.. I often fuck up colour names. My mom and sister used to point at things and ask me what colour it is, so I’d say what I see then they’d laugh their asses off.

  2. I failed every single test big time. That’s no news to me, though. I used to get yelled at in elementary school for colouring rabbits green and skies purple. This is the cross I have carried all my life. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 23 because I figured I’d fail the colour test, anyway, seeing how I’d gotten zero on every colour test I’d taken in school. In the military, I totally bombed the colour test (they used one with little green, red, and white pin-hole lights shinning from the other side of the room, and that was the first time I confused red for green and vice-versa; that test is a colourblind guy’s nightmare). They told me I’d never be able to drive a tank. But when is a tank driver ever going to need to know the difference between red and green?

  3. In teh WWII they used colourblind guys in tank bomber planes to see tanks hiding. These guys could see through the camo like it was bright yellow on a blue background, it was so obvious, they’d just say “there, there and there” boom boom boom.

    Some teacher told us that story (or reasonable facsimile) in grade 10, I don’t know how much truth is in it.

  4. I can kinda see that maybe being true. Being colourblind, or colour deficient (I’ll stick with colourblind), I identify objects by their shape and then their tone, not their colour. Back in my hunting days, I could spot the critters hidden in the woods quicker than most of my fellow hunters. That might be due to something else. I’ve gone in the woods with Jody, who’s just as colourblind and me, and wouldn’t see rabbit until he stepped on it.

  5. I have been driving Semi Trucks for almost 30 years. I have failed all the color tests accept the red, green, and yellow on the eye chart. (green looks brown). I could lose my livelihood if it were up to some. Is it time we changed the color system to help the 1 in 4 to see stop lights better? Why not shapes or diffrent sequences of flashes or even blue which almost everyone can see better?

  6. rar! im colourblind! its fun! seeing things other people don’t see. i think it may be a sick joke the rest of the world is playing on a selected few haha
    we see things in totally different ways but that also means people think we are wrong and laugh at us but maybe we are right not them!!
    ah well its fun, i love it, whats the point in being ‘normal’ anyhoo!
    all colourblind people are missing a screw loose and i love it!

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