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I finished reading The Island of the Colorblind, by Oliver Sacks, this past weekend. It’s a memoir of his travels through the South Pacific where he observes a variety of life forms and diseases unique to islands. It’s a compelling read at times, always interesting or enlightening, never boring. I didn’t expect to be too interested in the evolution of cycads, for instance, but Sacks is so fascinated about all of it, it’s difficult not to share in his enthusiasm. (I even read the 60 pages of end notes.) Recommended.

I’ll probably read his book on music next.

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  1. I began reading his book, Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood, but I got half way through it and gave up. Some of the stories of his early childhood before and during the Second World War are interesting, but then it more or less becomes a book on the history of chemistry. Despite his enthusiasm for the subject, it just didn’t grab me. I guess I’m more interested in his medical books, the books about people, not things.

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