Google has been swamping me with Gmail invitations, and I’ve given one to everyone I know. So, here are some free for the taking. I’ll add more to this post as I receive more. Out of courtesy to others, please only use one per person.

(NOTE: All invitations have been taken. I’ll post more as I receive them.)

Total given out: 140


  1. More Gmail invitations have been added. I’ll delete them as they’re taken, and add them as I receive them. Email me any invitations you’d like me to make available.

  2. 6 more Gmail invitations to be posted soon! (I’m getting about 6 at least every other day now.)

  3. Does anyone have anything to say about Gmail vs. Yahoo Email?

    I like certain things about Gmail, namely how it takes track of ‘coversations,’ but I don’t like it that I can’t change the order of the messages in my Inbox. I prefer to read my messages from oldest to newest, and it doesn’t provide that option. I’m stuck reading my messages in the wrong order. (Or at least right now it seems that way.)

    I use the ARCHIVE button as I would the DELETE button in Yahoo, but after I archive/delete a message, it brings me back to the list of messages in my Inbox instead of directly into the next unread message. I have to manually click the next message I want to read. This is time-consuming when I have an Inbox full of messages I want to read one after another. Again, there is no option to change this in Gmail.

    Adding labels to messages, and using the filters to label certain messages automatically, helps me take track of my messages a bit easier than Yahoo folders. Though, for me, this generally isn’t a big deal because 99% of my sent and read messages are junk, so I don’t care how their labelled. On occasion when I do want to save a specific message (which isn’t very often), the Yahoo folder method would work just as well for me.

    But then again, I can see how people doing business through email might want to keep a record of every single message that was received and sent between them a business associate, and Gmail labels would definitely make that easier.

    So there are some advantages to Gmail, but some significant disadvantages too, things that are NOT an improvement over Yahoo Email. I don’t mind using Gmail, but I suspect I’ll eventually go back to Yahoo because it better suits my relatively simple needs.

  4. hi dear
    Please send me one. I am computer Eng. I have e books. If u newed please tell m e.


    Now that I got your attention, please don’t ask us for anymore Gmail invitations! If you don’t see a Gmail invitation link posted, then we don’t have any to give. Got it?


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