I arrived home today after being in Detroit for eight days. After giving me hugs and kisses my four year old daughter said, “We weren’t a family without you.”



  1. It’s incredibly uncanny how these little kids come up with conversation that you’d only expect from an adult. I had an adult conversation with Vanessa earlier in the week when I told her that we’d be moving to Fredericton this summer. I expected to just tell her, walk away, and be done with it. The questions she asked were very moving & real; I was truly amazed that they were coming from a five year-old.

  2. We have a Greyhound dog. When Greyhounds race, they chase a rabbit on the track. Tonight, Vanessa was scared because Cutter was going to chase the Easter Bunny when he came to drop off chocolate for her. I couldn’t resist but to laugh. The things these kids come up with!!

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