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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

25 Replies to “Comments for “Add a Sentence””

  1. found it… come on… come on someone write…gotta write another sentence…ahhh meaning to ones existence…

  2. oh….yeah…well….Phillip you wiley one….knowing that the chase is the exciting element..the quarry secondary…I now have little desire to write as you stunted the chase and in reality I have no desire for the quarry.

  3. For a low-traffic blog, we’re getting some consistent responses to this post — and quality too. I’m not adding another sentence. There’s no way I could match the caliber of these contributions. Nice work.

  4. come on phillip write..you are a great writer phillip…yes you are..ohhh there is a little smile…come on philly write a few wordie poos…come on.. cooochie cooo

  5. phillip in the time it took me to write my sentance which just flowed out two others were posted. It still works if ya just rearrange em….come on it was just minutes ….come on…

    oh yea and sorry about the one word thingy but I could not resist….

  6. Yup, it looks messed up big time. Expect significant deletions.

    This kind of thing works when traffic remains low. The more people who get in on it, the more likely it is to go off the rails.

  7. I’ll be away for the next two days. Most of the words in the somewhat random list have been used already. Once those are done, maybe go for a word from the tag list in the sidebar. At any rate, Jody will be running the show.

  8. Jody is still in charge. I’m out of town until Wednesday.

    I could never a rock star. I don’t think I could handle living in a different hotel every night, not on a regular basis anyway.

  9. This story isn’t dead, and I’m not shutting it down. I’ll repost it with the latest additions soon. I’m happy to let it go on indefinitely.

  10. This comment was from Tommyboy. I moved it here because it’s not in English and it’s full of ellipsis sentences that are definitely not taken from any book. — You’re screwing it all up Tom!

    all I have is these magazines…with glossy pictures….

    Concois les couverturres de livres et remplis la bibliotheque.

    its from my kid’s book left here by the computer… I wish they were learning chinese or arabic…

  11. This comment was from Tommyboy (again!), moved here (again!) because he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Politicians think they can get away with anything. Not on my watch!


  12. phillip it was from some french thing…isbn 978-2-89642-069-8 looks like a book, smells like a book, feels like a book but of course I know no french so I cannot say what it is about..has lots of pictures….rules…that is all my life is as a politition..jesus..the federal mess we are in, which I find facinating is all about rules…proceedure etc…I come here for the freedom…the air…the exhuberance of just being…alas….my attempts to escape my straitjacketed existance thwarted by your puritanical adherence to the rules…:-)

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