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Death at a Funeral is the funniest movie I’ve seen since Shaun of The Dead. It’s about a funeral that goes horribly wrong, wrong and wrong. It takes about 20 minutes for things to kick into high gear, but once it gets going, it never lets up. From the linked DVD Talk review: “Between unlikely situations, scandalous asides, abundant physical shtick, and lots of mistaken identity / circumstantial coincidence, farce remains a clever combination of breakneck pacing and interpersonal anarchy.” It’s all about letting the actors do their thing — reacting to events and situations that, even if these things happened in real life, you’d have to laugh. I began missing some of the jokes near the end because I was laughing too much.

This is likely a case of me being in the right mood for the movie. That, or having a different sense of humour than what’s currently popular. Death at a Funeral gets mixed reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t disagree with most of the negative reviews, but I still enjoyed it more than, say, any Ben Stiller comedy I’ve ever seen (e.g. Night at the Museum.)

It’s best not to watch any trailers for this movie. They give away too much.

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