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Food, Inc. is a documentary film that addresses the problems of industrial food production. Nobody wants to see how hot dogs are made, but you don’t want to see how factory farm crops are grown either. We’re gradually making ourselves sick with this crap (which includes meats, fruits, vegetables and just about everything sold in supermarkets). We’re not doing the environment much good either. If the information presented in Food, Inc. doesn’t convince you to make healthier food choices and shop at farmers markets, nothing will.

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  1. I saw “Sherlock Holmes” (dumb action movie) and “Up In the Air” (thoughtful but nothing great) today. Both rentals. Not worth the post-Xmas crowds.

  2. want cheap food in a northern climate..all year long..all the time…all the variety…and the convience…when is the last time the average minion has done canning or other forms of preserving…christ in my lifetime this has changed…the swt boys may have similar childhood memories…if you could get it, grow it, or kill it…it would be put in a jar or bottle…..berries, fruits, vegtetables, fish, moose,…. jesus.. most people now get their salad out of a bag…no time to chop up the lettuce… or cannot find enough time to make a coffee in the morning….

    farmers’ markets are not the panacea…..I do not have the answers but it may start with how we value food and those who partake in its production… much do professional athletes and other entertainers make…enough of the bread and circuses…but we have to make that change…

    ohhhh avoid the sherlock movie if you are a fan of the books or the bbc adaptations….iron man victorian vapitdity…nice to see a stonger watson character though…..

  3. Here is the way I shop… Stay away from chips and pop. Buy flat bread and back it to make your own chips for salsa dip. If you have the ability to cook, then make your own sauces… they aren’t hard to make. Get a decent crock pot and a decent bbq and you are now a pro cook and you will eat healthier guaranteed!

    I don’t have a preference between organic/non organic. I buy the most bang for my buck and what I will think will taste better. Often that is non organic. If I buy organic, I actually buy from local farmers markets. Not cause I think it’s better for me or anything like that, but most of the farmers are from my own community.

    Here is Penn and Teller on their intro to Organic food.

  4. farmers’ markets are not the panacea…

    But they’re better than supermarkets. The vegetables I get from the farmers market are always tastier and fresher than anything I get from the grocery store, and there’s little difference in the price.

    100% organic isn’t necessarily better. What’s better is sustainable farming practices that don’t poison people or the environment. More industrialized methods of food production, whether meat or vegetable, tend to be less healthy, less sustainable and damaging to the environment.

    “Food, Inc.” is a bit too one-sided, but it’s not entirely exaggerating the negative aspects of industrialized food production.

    I do not have the answers but it may start with how we value food and those who partake in its production.

    Ditto that.

    If I buy organic, I actually buy from local farmers markets. Not cause I think it’s better for me or anything like that, but most of the farmers are from my own community.

    I rarely buy organic from the grocery store. It’s just too expensive and it’s not necessarily any better for me. And I doubt it’s better for the environment if it’s shipped hundreds of miles to make it to my grocery store. Not everything I buy needs to be local, but buying locally grown produce, organic or not, instead produce flown in from California, is an easy choice.

    We’re all dead anyway.

  5. for new years we kinda have an open house…this year 30 lbs of grey bruce minced cow has been turned into 24 lbs cooked…halifax style donair meat….I am attempting to addict and poison the local populace at the same time….have worked out the sauce…get my bread from a lebanese bakery in toronto….will be handing these out this evening…I have had three donairs since last night…and am not feeling well at all…..

    yeah…I think the local thing is simply more about supporting the food “economics” of ones area….as a kid getting a kiwi was unheard of I can get almost anything any time…that is not necessarily a good thing….I agree with the organic comment…for me it is not so much about the product but the stewardship of the system from which it is grown….

    and rekounas touched on the fact that so few of us..north americans…take the time in our lives to “make” our food…perhaps the first step is to re evaluate the action of eating….stop shovelling preprossed premade convinence foods…make the act of preparing and eating food an important daily ritual…man if you had to go catch your food..the act of eating would have a whole different value attached to it…

  6. Hey Phillip, the Bullshit episode just exposes organic is better as marketing bullshit. It doesn’t present a “don’t eat organic” message. The episode has a pretty funny tasters test too. It is worth while checking out.

  7. Halifax style? What’s that, with oversized white shoes, a hoodie and a cap in its ass?

    Sorry if I find it hard to empathize with north americans that have TOO much to eat and are forcing farmers into a niche market to make organic foods that take up way more land and produce far less food than regular production, when there’s like at least 50 kids in africa starving to death eating the must un-nutricious dirt I’ve ever seen.

    The problem with farmer’s markets is their accessibility. You require cash (in the golden age of canadian cashlessness). You have to get up EARLY on a WEEKEND to go. They close up by noonish. I guess they think that nobody wants to buy their goodies in the afternoon at a reasonable hour. There should be some sort of timeshare farmers market where there’s booths that people sign up for to sell their stuff, the booth is always open throughout the week in an air-conditioned or heated environment. We could call these booths “grocery stores”, and people would show up at all hours of the day and buy their delicious veggies.

    It annoys me that marketers have hijacked the term “organic”. Normally that means “carbon based”, which accounts for only everything on earth that is alive.

    There’s this distinctive lack of people actually DYING lately. My fiance works in the death industry and she’ll tell ya that death rates are way down, everywhere. The people dying nowadays are the ones that grew up in the golden age of writing with lead and eating foods with a 1:10 pesticide to food weight ratios, and they’re mostly living to 80+ years. Sorry if I’m pessimistic that pesticides (which has had 1.2 trillion dollars worth of funding, give or take an arbitrary amount) is all that bad for ya, based on the fact that humans are now living 100-150% longer than they were when they HAD to eat “organic” food. Obviously food isn’t the only societal improvement (not being covered in shit all day long may have also played a part in it), but food is a constant intake thing, whereas medicine and being covered in shit is usually short term. So I’m pretty sure the food we eat isn’t as bad as they’d like us to believe.

    I don’t tend to eat organic cause I don’t tend to want to spend that much more on food. I already have to eat 5-6 weight gainer protein shakes a day on top of 3 regular meals just to stay alive. I can’t imagine my food bill if I cut out the shakes and tried to eat 5000+ calories a day in organic food. Actually, that’d make a neato (but expensive as hell) blog post, I should count up my regular calories a day and then take in the same amount in all organical foods the next day and calculate the price difference. My prediction is that I’d look at the bill and vomit, and get a real bad case of the shits.

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  8. just as I hit the submit comment I noticed the ad at the bottom… aggggghhhhhh…@#!!##@ dole…

    That’s what you get for using Internet Explorer.

  9. I watched food inc. maybe averyone should tqke a look as the proccessed food stuff we’ve been eating for the last 40 yrs and then look at the rise of autism and alllergies in this generation. How many kids do you know have some kind of allergy… my kid’s school is peanut free! between the processed food and plastic something needs to b e done…buying fresh, eating local and using old fashioned glass it may be starting small but it’s starting.

  10. Actually they’ve determined that there is the exact SAME rate of autism that there always was, so you’re getting upset about something completely unrelated. Getting riled up over apples vs. oranges for the win!

    Until they understand WHY there is a greater incidence of allergies, I’m not going to change my lifestyle because of my own perceived home remedies.

    Seems to me for a couple of thousand years they ran around eating the most organic stuff you can ever imagine, but yet we now live twice as long and are twice as big. I’m thinking organic isn’t quite as awesome as people think it is.

  11. I am with you Pender. Alexander has aspergers and he was breast fed for a year and ate nothing but organic food. He was given his immune shots, but even if there was a link between autism/aspergers, I take the aspergers over any one of those diseases.

    I think the key thing is to stay away from too much fast food, pop, and chips. If you can simply stay away from those items, I bet you will be much healthier. Oh and get some sleep! I don’t get enough… partially because I don’t like sleeping in and I like staying up late.

  12. Greg, you just proved the genetic link for aspergers! Your social awkwardness levels are through the roof and you like to repeat the dirty joke of the day over and over, proving EVERYTHING!


  13. All of you who think diseases don’t correlate with the food we are provided with these days, i cant wait until 10 or 20 years you will see a vastly increase in diseases in the same time hearing those fat careless montaso bosses all being proud of themselves”Oh yeah,look what we make and look at the healthy food and abundance you live in, which WE PROVIDE. ” Yeah lets wait until on of your loved ones get seriously sick,even ourself.and wait till you hear the cause. Those companies just talk about how many people will be added to this earth in 30 years and how many hungry people there are in the world,JUST TO COVER THEIR PROFIT AND GAIN WITH THEIR INDUSTRY,THAT IS THEIR TRUE MOTIVATION! YOU people i cant believe how you get on the hook.I uderstand that many of you dont have money to buy food at all or better from farms.and thats very sad,cuz without money you are nobody here,NOBODY FOR PEOPLE,but there is someone for whom you re very meaningful! hope and wish good to all of you!

  14. I saw a thing..I think it was a documentary….”Soylent Green” there is some good eatin’……problem solved

    see SWT is alive and well!

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