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animated pongI’ve owned a VIC-20, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. I currently own a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation 2, which I rarely play. Yet, I still read about new games and the industry. Here are the games I own:

For the PC:

  1. World Of Warcraft
    I bought this because everyone in the universe bought it. I haven’t played it yet. I’m easily influenced.
  2. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
    Greg got me interested in this after he wouldn’t shut up about the PS2 version he recently bought. Besides the excellent graphics and sense of speed (it doesn’t beat Burnout, though – see below), it has intelligent police chases, where you hear the police chatter on their radio. Lots of fun.
  3. Need For Speed: Underground
    I bought this while I was working a lot in the U.S, looking for something to do while in my hotel room. I like unrealistic racing car games.
  4. ChessMaster
    I’ve owned various versions of it since it came out in 1986. I have version 10, the latest at this time. I rarely play it now, but it’s easy to get into with its variety of challenges.
  5. Diablo
    A fantasy RPG-like game that has a top-down view of the characters. I think I used cheat codes a lot in this one. I do that a lot: I’m very impatient.
  6. Baldur’s Gate
    I started playing this, then my wife got hooked. Another RPG fantasy game. It’s long and extensive.

I had lots of other PC games; I just don’t remember them.

For the PlayStation 2:

    1. Half-Life
      This is a favorite. I first played it on the PC when it was released in 1998. I bought it for the PS/2 to see how it compared with the PC version, and it plays well. Half-life set a standard for first-person shooters for its atmosphere and story. It’s possible to finish the game in 48 minutes. I watched it all, too.
    2. God Of War
      This is a violent, gruesome, compelling adventure game, which I haven’t finished because of some tough section that pissed me off. Fun to play and get into, though. Great story and cinematics. I read that a sequel is being developed for the PS/2.
    3. Devil May Cry
      This is a cool looking game and fun to play, but like most other games, I got frustrated at some point while trying to solve a puzzle or kill a creature. Never finished it.
    4. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
      The Metal Gear Solid series is well known on the PS/2 for its innovations and excellent graphics. I haven’t been able to play 5 minutes of this. I keep it in the hope that I WILL have the patience to figure it out.
    5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
      Another popular series, this one setting a standard for its extensive story and goals. It’s a long game that I haven’t had the time to devote to.
    6. Champions Of Norrath
      This is role-playing game (RPG) set in a fantasy world similar to Dungeons And Dragons, which I enjoy. I think I finished this one; that tells you it isn’t a hard game.
    7. Shadow Of The Colossus
      This received a lot of rave reviews and hype, but it didn’t work for me. Your goal is to kill a bunch of giant creatures. That’s it. I got impatient with trying to figure out how to kill the beasts.
    8. Dora The Explorer: Journey To The Purple Planet
      This is a kids’ game that’s too easy for adults to even try. Caitlyn enjoys it, though.
    9. Finding Nemo
      Based on the movie, this isn’t an easy game for kids. I even got frustrated with some of the stages. Caitlyn nor I ever finished it.
    10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
      I got this for my wife, who was a fan of the show. She got stuck at some point in the game and never went back to it. I never tried it.
    11. Resident Evil 4
      This received rave reviews, and Ashley finished it and gave me good feedback about it; yet, I haven’t been able to finish it. It’s creepy. Don’t play it with the lights off.
    12. Primal
      I think I bought this because it was one of Sony’s first cinematic-type games. I haven’t played it yet.
    13. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
      An RPG that was popular in its time. I might’ve finished this.
    14. Burnout 3: Takedown
      A classic. This racing car game set a new standard for innovation and sense of speed. Lots of fun.
    15. Burnout: Revenge
      This is Burnout 4. They changed some of the features from Burnout 3, so if you were used to that you may not like it, but still a fun game.
    16. Need For Speed: Underground
      Most of the Need For Speed series games are fun. This one introduced drag racing and using drifting a lot. A fun game, although it pales beside Burnout 3.

  1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
    One of the early games in the series, it was fun for its time.
  2. Medal of Honor: Frontline
    I haven’t played many war games because they’re too damn intense. This one starts on the beaches of Normandy and never lets up.
  3. Winnie The Pooh’s Rumbly Tumbly Adventure
    A cute game for the kids, but its load time is frustrating and the way its goals are divided across different sections is annoying. Not recommended even for kids.
  4. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time
    A cool, innovative game. Nothing like the original 2-dimensional version 20 years ago, although you DO jump over pits and trips; that’s the only similarity. It got too hard for me simple mind.
  5. Rachet & Clank
    This is the first game in the series and the first I ever played. I got impatient with the weapon variations and controls. I read that the later games are a lot better.
  6. R-Type Final
    This is a 2-dimensional spaceship shooting game, where the ship travels from left to right through tunnels and parts of space. I remembered playing this in arcades decades ago, so I gave this a try. It’s too fucking hard.
  7. Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne
    This was one of the first games to implement the bullet time feature that the movie Matrix made popular: you could slow the action down to shoot accurately. I tried this for 5 minutes and got frustrated with the controls.
  8. Hot Shots Golf 3
    I don’t play golf, but this is a fun game if you like that sorta thing. I never finished it, though.
  9. Red Faction
    A first-person shooter similar to Half-life. Lots of story, but no big deal. I think I finished it using a walkthrough.

For the Nintendo 64:

  1. Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    I think this is the last N64 game I bought. It’s a silly adult game with adult humour. I almost finished it.
  2. Duke Nukem 64
    The first first-person shooter from the classic 2-dimensional Duke Nukem series. The PC version is better.
  3. Quake
    Another classic first-person shooter. I don’t know why I got it for this console.
  4. 007: GoldenEye
    Next to Beetle Adventure Racing (see below), probably the best game for the N64. I think I finished it, too.
  5. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
    I try to play Star Wars game, but they never hold my interest. This one was too frustrating, I think.
  6. Donkey Kong 64
    I think my wife finished this game. Another game I didn’t have the patience for: memorizing routes, puzzles… but I’ll never learn.
  7. 007: The World Is Not Enough
    An unsuccessful attempt to recreate the magic of GoldenEye. I don’t know why I have this game.
  8. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    I tried to play the Zelda games but, like most in that genre, too much silly puzzles and shit to figure out and memorize. My wife played these games, though.
  9. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
    Neat at first, tedious about half-way through.
  10. Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine
    I remember trying to play this, but it was too hard manipulating the character.
  11. Perfect Dark
    An excellent game by Rare, a publisher that was eventually bought by Microsoft. Better than GoldenEye.
  12. Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion
    I think I like playing these first-person shooters ONLY when I can initiate cheat mode.
  13. Star Wars: Battle For Naboo
    I had no idea I owned this.
  14. Beetle Adventure Racing!
    The best racing car game for the Nintendo 64. Lots of fun. I even finished this game. I probably played it all the way through twice.
  15. San Francisco Rush 2049
    The Rush racing car series were a lot of fun once. Lots of jumps and silliness.
  16. Excitebike 64
    I think I wanted to try a different racing style. This didn’t win me over.
  17. Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA
    I don’t remember this one, but it was probably good.
  18. Mario Tennis
    I didn’t get into this. I only got it for its favorable reviews, I think.
  19. Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
    I didn’t know I had TWO Duke Nukem games for the N64. I have no memory of this one.
  20. Ridge Racer 64
    I don’t remember this one, either. Beetle Adventure Racing! is the best, anyway.
  21. Paper Mario
    I finished this game. Or Dawn did.

I got rid of all of my Super Nintendo games except Chrono Trigger. I don’t know why I kept that one, except it’s one of the few games I’ve ever finished.

My favorite game genre is racing, as you might’ve guessed: turn it on and start playing – nothing complicated about it.

6 Replies to “Computer And Console Games”

  1. I just installed (then uninstalled) my old copy of NFS3: Hot Pursuit. Damn, racing games are addictive. I only played it for 10 minutes, and gave up because it was too easy, but it was still fun. I like the feature of having a rearview mirror so you can see approaching cars and cut them off before they pass you.

  2. I’m going through your list of ps2 games. Anything that sounds interesting I check on and see what they rated it.

    I was interested in primal until I read more about it. Sounds boring, like watching a movie that you have to waste on easy fighting with to watch the next sections of the movie. If I wanted to watch a movie I’ll watch a damn movie.

    Champions of Norrath looks cool, will have to get that one.

    I’d also like to check out shadow of the colossus.

    I’m surprised, that’s all that’s interested me out of that entire list. Although some of those games motivate me to actually try to get the networking crap going.

  3. I updated this post with World Of Warcraft today, which I just bought for $20 at Costco. I like the idea of its play: huge world that you can explore and go on adventures and quests, building your a character you customize. I think I’ll create a female character called Phillip.

  4. The only PS2 game we play of the ones you sent us (most of the above) is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. It’s a fun game, but to unlock certain tracks, you have to play the cop, which isn’t nearly as fun as racing and quickly becomes a headache. We got a lot of life out of the game, but we eventually stop playing it because of that. We enjoyed it more than the later versions of the game because of its simplicity, and we’d probably still play it from time to time if it wasn’t for the “be the cop” races. Except for that, the basic design of the game is excellent because all you do is pick a car, pick a track and race. None of the other crap of putting parts on your car, doing drag races and sliding racing (whatever those are called) — those are just bell and whistles that, for my money, don’t improve the game play, the point of which is to race. I enjoyed some of the later versions of the NFS (the last 2 versions suck pretty bad though), but even then I just up with the drag races so I could move on to a real race. And the “storyline” for the NFS games is completely relevant. I’d like to see later versions of NFS provide options to skip over certain aspects of the game: the storyline, the upgrades (have it automatic) and non-racing challenges. But I’m probably in the minority.

    We played Classic Star Wars Lego, which was fun but annoying too because it’s too easy to overlook something vital in each level, and it drives you nuts wondering what the hell you missed that won’t allow you to get past a level. We got the regular Lego Star Wars too, but gave it up quickly because it has the same annoying qualities — for a game that is otherwise goofy and kind of fun.

    By far, the biggest hit for us has been a collection we picked up of classic arcade games. I never thought I’d go for it, but Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man are fun to play. The programming for them is simple, but they’re hard games, and it’s fun to see yourself getting better at the games. Jenny is the champion (in our house) at Galaga. There is much more to the game then I remember; it’s not just a copy of Space Invaders. I managed to beat her high score for a couple days, but then she came back and cleaned my clock. However, I take some satisfaction in holding the records for both Pac-Mans and Dig Dug. I remember Jody doing good on Gorf once. I’d like to get that on PS2 to see how well it stands up.

    Most modern games are too intense. They’re not relaxing at all. These old games are still challenging (maybe more challenging) and they’re fun.

    We also have Jeopardy for PS2. It’s fun as a simultaneous 2 or 3 player game — and that interactive aspect of it is enjoyable. My only complaint is that it’s too American-centric. Too many general categories default to the US-specific questions, so that Politics is really US Politics, Capitol Cities are really US Capitol cities, and so on. Otherwise, it’s a simply but engaging game which can be set to various levels of difficulty.

    We’re definitely old school video game players in this house. All the newer games are way too instense. They’re more work than fun. At least for us.

  5. I am waiting for “Sabateur” or however it is spelled…I get into Medival total war 2 once and a while…

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