Computer Power-cords

computer power cordThe power-cord for my computer setup is full:

  • Computer
  • Network modem – taking up two slots
  • Router – taking up two slots
  • Scanner
  • Paper shredder
  • Speakers – taking up two slots
  • Monitor

I wanted to put a lamp on my desk, but there’s no place to plug it! Can you get power-cords with more than 10 outlets? Or do I have to buy ANOTHER power-cord, so there will be two power-cords coming from my wall socket. Is that safe?

Stupid computers.

6 Replies to “Computer Power-cords”

  1. Yup, yup, you definitely need to grab a few Power Cord Liberators from. Those little dudes make all the difference with computer or video equipment.

    Also something well worth considering is an UPS. We sprung about $45 a piece on 3 APC brand uninterruptable power supplies – one for each PC (and DSL modem, router, printer, etc.) in our home office and one for the TV/DVD/TiVo stuff in the living room. The UPS units have paid for themselves many times over.

  2. I’ve seen those power squids in CT and Home Depot (if I recall correctly). I know I’ve seen them around somewhere. But that would certainly help your power bar situation.

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