Childhood Confessions

Time to face my past, goddamn it:

  • I once owned a Shaun Cassidy record. (Da Do Run Run Run, Da Do Run Run. May that jingle haunt you for days.)
  • I used to dance to disco, even winning awards for my grovin’ moves.
  • The first record I remember buying was a 45 single: Lipps Inc’s Funky Town. I was 10 or 11 fer Christ’s sake! Soon after I bought Pink Floyd’s The Wall, so I wasn’t a total loser.
  • I broke my brother’s toy elastic airplane, which he’s never forgiven me for.

That’s it for now.

What childhood horrors are you now embarrassed about?

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  1. re: the Shaun Cassidy record.

    I thought that was my record — because I listened to it so much in grade three. I was traumatized later in life when I learned that Shaun didn’t actually write that song, that it was originally a Supremes song (or a similar group).

    re: “I broke my brother’s toy elastic airplane, which he’s never forgiven me for.”

    You know, all you have to do is BUY ME A NEW AIRPLANE! (I’m still waiting.)

    –Phillip (Jody’s brother)

  2. Well…not only did I worship Shawn Cassidy (Big shame on me) I
    SLEPT with him….well, his poster. It’s not what you think…
    I was a little kid and I just thought that I was destined to
    marry him. I had a poster of him and I put it under my covers
    one night. My mom came in to put my laundry away and as I was
    sleeping, she heard a crinkle sound. She found the poster! LMAO!
    Nothing happened between me and the poster! LOL! I just took it
    to bed with me. Very pathetically (my head is hung down in shame
    now)I remember PRAYING to his dad, Jack Cassidy, to suddenly
    make Shaun notice me!
    Also…I also in that same year…hit my older brother over the
    head with my steel “kiddie golf club” and it broke in half. I
    immediately ran to my mom and told him, “Danny broke my golf
    club!” LOL! Wow, I was a brat!

  3. Does anyone know whatever happended to Shawn Cassidy? I’d like to find a picture of him today to she how he’s changed.

  4. Yeah, I remember playing “That’s rock n’ roll” on my brother’s Emerson record player (his was better than mine cause it was STEREO). We would stand up on the bed and act like we were Shawn playing in front of a bunch of cute girls. We would tape flashlights to my old record player and kick it up to 78rpm and turn off the lights in the room for the ultimate “cheap disco light” effect (Damn we were creative) LOL!! After a few months Shawn got boring so we got into Van Halen 1 and Pat Travers.

  5. I was an avid fan of Shawn Cassidy—however–this site starts out, with a term that offends me–as a person–th “GD” term–not me–and I hope–not Shawn

  6. I agree with Michael. I don’t think Shawn would approve of such language either. I would hope he’d just do-run-run away from this site. It’s not worthy of Shawn. (I, too, am a big fan. I have ALL his records.)

  7. Hi all! I to was madly in love with shawn! I was the hardy boys mystery show(Lord help anyone who got in my way!) I had stacks of mag’s all over my room. I had a scap book a mile thick! I wept when shawns house caught fire, His dad died in a fire and my heart still goes out to him for that loss.I guess he seemed to be the guy most girls wanted to believe was out there. One who adored his family, wanted a good wholesome girl and was not such a jerk you could choke him! Anyway, guilty as charged. Have I ever gotten over my crush? Nope! I still think he is as cute as a button!

  8. Can’t believe people are still thinking of Shawn – although if I wasn’t also, I wouldn’t have found this site! I was in love with him too, and that other cutie Leif Garrett. I was doing some cleaning and came across one of his posters. I’ve still all the vinyls too.

  9. One of my first memories of school was getting to listen to “do run run” in kindergarten. I was a very young Shawn Cassidy fan. I thought he was just gorgeous, and i remember being crushed for him when his TV wife died right after they were married in some car crash. I still have dreams about that episode.

  10. i use to be in love with shaun. i remember throwing such a fit on sundays{when the hardy boys came on.}if my older sisters woulden’t let me watch it.

  11. Huge Huge fan here too! I remember bringing home the Album and playing it over and over tillnight fall…and mom threatend me! Second thing I did was “clean”his teeth up a bit by erasing some of the ink. First clue I would go into denistry!
    Anyway, always wondered what happened to my Love and found a site that I was surprised to see he was the executive producer to tons of TV shows. I never stay for the credits but WOW. Good For him.

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