Conscientious Consumer

Darren Barefoot’s No Logo and Consuming Responsibly post led me to a Becky’s article Ignorance/Bliss. Knowledge/Harder Choices. Choose one, where she writes about the book No Logo, which I haven’t read yet. Becky writes:

I’m currently finishing Naomi Klein’s book No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies — and I’m feeling ever-more convicted about my consuming, name-brand lifestyle. And I’m not just talking convicted in the slight wincing kind of sense … I’m talking an altar-call convicted.
Personally, I love buying clothes at Old Navy. I’m a sucker for a Toffee Nut Latte at Starbucks, ordered as pretensiously as I can. But now I don’t think I can go to these places and order/shop the same way again.

Good. I’ve been anti-consumer for a long time, refusing to purchase anything with logos on it (companies should be paying ME to advertise their wares, not the other way around), trying to buy local or nationally made products. But it’s hard. As I wrote earlier, it’s expensive to live environmentally friendly: organic foods cost more (though their prices have gone down a lot the past few years); fuel efficient cars aren’t ubiquitous enough to be cheap yet; and Canadian clothes are usually double the price of those made in Taiwan or other labor-saving countries.

Ironically, you have to be rich to be anti-rich.

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