Contest: Name New Popcorn Business

Tommyboy has gotten into the kettle popcorn business and he needs a company name. His proposition:

post something about the name…I will send anyone who assists me in a name one bag a month for a year…and if I do not use any suggestions I will pick at random 3 of the suggestions and fed ex em a bag of popcorn…..

whatca think

He’s off to a good start too. I sent him the video below and he replied:

holy shit…same ingredients but different process….I already caught the kettle on fire…and the oil is heated first then sugar…and burning oil and popcorn splatters your face….it is all about temperature…..I will send you some….

So post your kettle popcorn company names suggestions and win free popcorn for a year!

Kettle Corn Tutorial:

24 Replies to “Contest: Name New Popcorn Business”

  1. It will be fed’exed or ups’ed and it might get scrunched….I am going to talk to a brokerage firm today about some other issues so I am pretty sure I can get it sent to the millions of international viewers who I know will be involved in this fantastic and exciting promotion.

  2. Dear Mr. Mob My Toy,

    Here is a list of neato anagrams that are words strung together using the same letters as “tommyboy kettle corn”!

    Cob Monkey Myrtle Tot
    Embryo Clot Me Knotty
    Bottom Mock Lye Entry

    So many excellent ideas!

    Today I learned an anagram for “kettle corn” is “corn kettle”. Ingenious!

    “Rock Nettle” sounds like an interesting anagram. Then again so does Recto Knelt!

  3. The Rat’s Ass Kettle Pop Corn.

    Amaizing Kettle Pop Corn. (Get it?)

    I have a name for your store or booth at the farmers market too: The Pop Corn Hole.

    • Despite my wish to use some if not a number of these suggestions combined, my business partner vetoed my desire.. she seems to do this both figuratively and literally…alas there is something in the mail for all those who “played”…good luck to Rob and have fun on your “rendition vacation” as I had the return address on your package as syria or was it some mountain village in pakistan under an appropriate assumed name..

      Phillip yours costed 2 whole dollars more to get across the pond to that lovely island of yours..federal government sticking to the east…eeesssh…ironically the cheapest postage was Rob’s down there in one of those southern states….

  4. Recto Knelt
    Embryo Clot Me Knotty
    and of course
    The Pop Corn Hole

    are currently the top three, I am currently testing graphics for Recto Knelt, and Embryo Clot Me Knotty has met with a substantial negative response from the pro life kettle korn customers….the rejoinder extolling them to get a life seemed lost on them…I am currently on the watch for christian snipers…

  5. I’m just thinking of some super duper slogans that could go with these outstanding names!

    Bite me off a piece of that Embryo Clot Me Knotty.
    Embryo Clot Me Knotty, they’re grrrrrrrrrreat!
    Got Recto Knelt?
    Recto Knelt, a little dab’ll do ya!
    Embryo Clot me Knotty, it’s everywhere you want to be.
    The quickerrrr picker-upper, Recto Knelt!
    Embryo Clot me Knotty is the breakfast of champions!
    Betcha can’t eat just one Embryo Clot Me Knotty!

  6. So I got a packaged today from mr. boy, and I said “oh boy it’s probably popcorn!” and it is! Thanks man, I laughed my freakin’ ass off. :)

  7. little phillip just be patient…they were all sent out on the same day…but you live on that island thingy and there is the big boat and the big waves and the seamonsters that canada post has to overcome in getting a package to you…I am curious if rob gets his package since it was labelled in denonator machine parts ….in arabic…..

    • I think it arrived today but I wasn’t home. I have to pick it up at the post office. Awesome. I’ll dig into it tomorrow with some movies. Thanks man.

  8. I just picked up the popcorn. Holy shit, I had no idea this was kettle pop corn. It’s so round, similar to Cracker Jack popcorn but not disgusting.

    A review and maybe a podcast of the review should show up here in a week or two.

  9. rob better eat his right away….I think it only lasts 2- 3 weeks if it is keep airtight….it always makes good bird food….

    • I’m still eating mine too. I’m too busy eating it to write a post about it.

      How the hell do you make it, Tommyboy?

      First, the corn is rounder than regular popcorn.

      Second, the only ingredients are salt and sugar (and oil)?

      Third, how do you get the sugar to caramelize so lightly over the popcorn?

      I mean, that shit is delicious and filling. If it was regular popcorn, I’d eat the whole big bag of it. But I get through a bowl and I start to feel satiated.

      It’s similar to Cracker Jack popcorn, but not nearly as drenched in candy. Cracker Jack popcorn is almost sickening. This stuff is tasty, a touch of salt, a touch of sweet, but not too much of either. What do you call it again? The Fabulous Flying Elephant popcorn?

  10. the enslaved elves sugar the popcorn…..frig if the fat guy up north can use can the fat guy down south…..

  11. It’s awesome. I’d eaten a full bag over the course of a week, then went on vacation and miss it. Phillip’s assessment is pretty good. Although I don’t find it more filling than popcorn, I still find I can just eat it forever. There’s so much of it that forever isn’t a stretch of the imagination either. At first I was leery of it, I had expectations that they were probably like cracker jacks. I just find that they taste like lightly caramelized regular popcorn.

    I now think that maybe Embryo Clot Me Knotty wasn’t a suitable name.

  12. I am starting to wonder if Rob did get “placed” in a rendition program….except now that Syria is being a poopy head, where is Obama going to send these guests…

  13. I was at our local farmers’ market today and noticed someone selling kettle popcorn. They have a little trailer and everything.

    I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t as cool as the Dancing Elephants That Poop Out Popcorn.

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