Conversations On A Bus

On the bus morning, while trying to read Ian McEwan‘s excellent Saturday, the woman sitting in front of me was talking to another woman across the aisle about her “beautiful, beautiful roast, enough for 2 meals AND sandwiches, for only 7 bucks!”

I used to ride the bus and subway a lot when I lived in Montreal and Toronto; I miss the conversations I used to hear because I had aspirations of being a writer and it gave me lots of ideas. I miss the time it allowed me to read, too.

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  1. I take a 20-25 minute bus ride into work every day. I get to read muscle mags the entire time, so the ride feels really short. It gives me an opportunity to read that I normally would miss out on if I were driving. The only thing that irks me about is is the $75 a month pricetag for the pass, however they’re tax deductible, so it really only works out to being about $50 a month. Not TOO bad, I guess. It’s still cheaper than the $150 parking fees to park at my building, or the $100 to park in the building across the street, plus gas and mileage for my own car.

    I don’t tend to hear bus conversations while reading though, I have good block-out-ability.

  2. I don’t like being stuck on a bus. I walk everywhere, often to places where most people seem to take the bus. I’ve gotten into listening to CBC podcasts on my MP3 player, though usually I read if the wind isn’t blowing too hard. I’ve read entire books while walking to and from university — when I used to go to university. Never had much interest in listening to bus conversations.

  3. I very much want to start taking the bus. This reminds me to go look up the routes and crap, and see if it’s feasible from my place to work and back…

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