Cook’s Illustrated Online Subscription Service Is Broke

Cook's Illustrated magazineI tried to order a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated via their website, but as Greg likes to say, it “sucks ass”:

  • The “State” dropdown list doesn’t list Canadian provinces
  • The Postal Code can’t go in the “Zip Code” field, but at the end of your second address line instead.

When I submit the form, the form is displayed again with a red “Please enter your state or province” message, yet there’s no place to specify a province. I selected a State to try to fool it, but it complained with the same message.

And then I couldn’t easily find a way to contact them about the problem.

I emailed them the following:

Hi there,
Your online subscription service doesn’t appear to be working for Canadian orders. When I press Subscribe, the form is displayed again with these messages:
Please enter your state or province.
Please enter your zip or postal code.
Yet the “State” dropdown list doesn’t have values for Canadian provinces. I’ve attached a screenshot. How can I subscribe via online?
Also, I found it difficult to find a customer service email address. I assumed it would be under your Customer Service page, but it wasn’t; it was almost hidden at the bottom of this page. Frustrating.
Jody Cairns

I don’t read magazines regularly; I’d rather read a book; however, there is one magazine that never bores me: Cook’s Illustrated. It has detailed articles on how they perfected recipes, emphasizing common ingredients and no-nonsense techniques. And the best part: no ads! I’ve been reading it for many years.

2 Replies to “Cook’s Illustrated Online Subscription Service Is Broke”

  1. They replied!

    Thank you for your note.

    We are sorry you are having difficulties subscribing to our Cook’s
    Illustrated magazine.

    We have forwarded your correspondence on to the appropriate department.

    In the mean time, for direct assistance with your order please feel free to
    call (800)526-8442.

    Customer Service
    Cook’s Illustrated / America’s Test Kitchen / Cook’s Country
    Boston Common Press
    17 Station Street
    Brookline, MA 02445

  2. They replied again:

    Thank you for contacting Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.

    We have entered your order.

    If you wish to pay for your subscription online, please use our Customer
    Care option and follow the instructions given.

    If this option is not available, please mail a credit card number and
    expiration date, a check, or a money order to the address below.

    Cook’s Illustrated
    PO Box 7446
    Red Oak, IA 51591

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that has been caused,
    and thank you for the opportunity to be of service. If we may be of
    further assistance, please contact us again.

    Thank you
    Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

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