Corporate Bullshit

Truth about bullshitYour Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit by Laura Penny is about the craft of corporate and multimedia bullshit. From a review at Quill And Quire:

An admitted crank on a rant, Penny’s rollicking full-tilt prose style will leave you laughing on the outside while weeping on the inside.
About 75% of her examples of bullshit are American in origin. As she points out, Americans are much more outrageous, better funded, and just plain superior to Canucks at the craft of bullshit.
What she [the author] does bring to the readers’ attention is the importance of critically examining everything you see and hear for evidence of bullshit.

Great title; it’s what caught my interest. I think I’ll get it. Plus, the author is Canadian, based in Halifax.

Update (May 8, 2005): I discovered a similar book, On Bullshit, that concentrates on the prevalence of bullshit in our culture, not just the corporate culture.

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