Cottage Cheese and a Donut

I walked to Sobeys today (a grocery store) and bought salad, cottage cheese, peanut butter, bread, and stole some plastic knives and forks (they were for patrons of the salad bar, I assumed). I then went to Tim Hortons and got a coffee (single-single) and the Featured Donut of the Month, a chocolate mint lump of dough cooked in lard.

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  1. I decided to take a short break from my workload today. To give my brain the equivalent of a full body stretch when you have been sitting too long in one position, I decided to take a look at your site. I read your posting and then glanced through the weblink that J-Walk provided in the previous comment. After spending too much time trying to think of a sufficiently witty and sarcastic comment, I decided not to do so. I should have kept working.

  2. How add I second feature. We’d have yours:

    What I Did Today,

    and then:

    What I Did Today,

    where anyone who did something more exciting or interesting can have their little story posted.

  3. And perhaps What I Did Today should be combined with What I Learned Today, as usually the answer to both will be the same thing: NOTHING.

  4. I originally sent that post as an email to Pender who suggested I add it to this site. I never imagined it’d be the most popular entry amoung all my posts. What can we conclude from that? I’m not sure I want to contemplate that.

  5. > Then why are you here? life boy!

    I’m here to support my brother. He could enter a nose-pick-and-eat-it contest, and if that’s what he wanted to do, I’d support him.

  6. It’s funny when a comment like the above shows up in the Recent Comments list, MONTHS after the thread the comment is in reply to has been written.

    Now what the hell does manboobs have to do with cottage cheese and donuts?

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