Cream Cheese And Jam

The kids and I have been eating too much of this lately, courtesy of Harlan Ellison:

You can use ANY KIND of bread, but for optimum swell, I urge you to get a nice (still warm, if possible) slice of good Jewish corn rye. And then you cover it completely to the perimeter, but not TOO thickly, with room temp cream cheese. Philadelphia of the whipped variety is peachy for this. And then you slather on a layer of jam. You can use any flavor you like best, but if you want it Serita R. Ellison-style, stick to strawberry in first place, raspberry in second, grape in third.
Not too much, so it runs off the sides, but enough to make sure every bite gets you a gestalt of jam and cream cheese.

It’s called a Bar-Le-Duc.

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  1. I’ve been making burritos lately — for breakfast. Eggs, green pepper, cheese, onions, black olives, ham or sausage, whatever is on hand. Easy, quick and tasty.

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