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  1. To whom it may concern:

    I have written almost the whole entire season of “Lookin’ On The Briteside of Boston.” (episodes 1-22 of 25)
    Pages that includes character backgrounds, a line up of casting crew, the show settings (such as the living room, kitchen, etc.), opening and closing theme songs, a photo of the exact housing projects in Boston.

    The Briteside of Boston is a sitcom that’s not even close to the 1970’s sitcom “Good Times.”
    This is an original show where real issues matter in the communities across America, but laughter is most important.

    Beyonce’, Marlon Wayans and Tahj Mowry are one of the three biggest stars in Hollywood today and they would be right for this new sitcom if it‘s ever discovered.

    I’m sure TV viewers want to see R&B singer Beyonce’ put her acting skills to the test just like other talented artist such as Will Smith from “The Fresh Prince“, Brandy from “Moesha” and Queen Latifah from “Living Single“.

    If my show idea is discovered, I’m hoping that any executive producers like Quincy Jones, David E. Kelly or even Norman Lear will take this sitcom show into consideration; and I’m hoping networks like FOX, UPN, The WB, HBO or even FX will pick up this sitcom if it come to a reality.

    If you would like scripts of The Briteside project, please email back and I’ll email the registered scripts of the project. If you would like to, you can give the pilot show idea to TV producers.

    My work is registered with the Writers Guild of America-West.

    Hi, DeMarcus here.
    Can any comedy idea be a sitcom?
    Do you have ties to any major TV networks (ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX) for producers to present people’s script talent?
    Are you looking for theme songs, character backgrounds, a city in the country where the show is based out of?
    Can the show be about a Caucasian, Latino or an African-American family sitcom comedy?
    Will you be able to read scripts up to six to twelve episodes written by writer?
    Should my work be registered by WGA-W (Writers Guild of America-West) before presenting you my scripts?
    If so, please email back to me, ’cause I would like more info on this contest.
    If you can email me an application entry form, I would surely appreciated
    Thank You!
    DeMarcus White

  2. I think that this site can probably get me where I want to be, and that is making a great comedy sitcom for cbs,fox,abc and most of all nbc. If this is the best way to get closer to sending an idea then I’m in. I’ve already tried sites such as, which I guess really doesnt work. So I hope this really helps me out, beacause I have some great comedy sitcom idea’s

  3. Here is an interesting idea I think. I am a father of a 12 year old son and do not see much of single fathers out there. I have an idea for a sitcom that is a cross between “The Courtship of Eddies Father” and “Good Times” living a poor life by themselves. The various other characters would be neighbors and a helpful but poor family. The struggles they come across can become episodes. I have lived way below poverty level my whole life and have many experiences. I have literally lived in over 90 places in my lifetime mostly because of being poor. I also have a marijuanna addiction that may be an avenue of speaking the truth on this subject. This, I guess could be a serious type of comedy and like many other type of sitcoms such as “MASH” a good blend of drama and comedy could make for a good hit show. Please contact me for more information. I do not have anything written. This is just an idea. I have many funny and serious tales to share with the world. Thank you for your time.

  4. i work as a janitor in a local school with a bunch of crazy guys with a personality all their own including yours truly—-i do believe that a show about us and our every day jobs would make for good viewer watching— we could have the teachers at the end of their day tell us how their day went to an episode of oh my! were out of toilet paper— i even have a great name for the show’s opening— “CUSTODIANS”—-and we could have the “O” in “CUSTODIANS” look like toilet paper with some hanging down in the opening—–together with a great opening theme song this show could make it!——i do thank you so much for your time— i hope you consider my proposal——Jack Diliberto—p.s.—i would love to audition for this show!

  5. ‘The Guys of Manuel Academy’ is a sitcom about three twelve-year old males, who meet at the series beginning, as they grow up learning life’s lessons in a neurotic and dysfunctional boarding school called Manuel Academy, that they were all sent away to for different reasons. The series spans out from their pathetic teenage lives to their ‘respectful’ and ‘mature’ lives as young adults. The shows main characters are: Dan Rodgers, the smooth-talking sports-obsessive who worries about his sexuality; Joel Rend, the pathetic and worrisome nerd; Nelly Nolan, the odd-humoured writer-in-the-making who resents his birth name; Kat Nolan, Nelly’s bossy and aggressive but caring older sister and Joel’s constant love interest; Emma Song, Kat’s overly playful and bouncy roommate; And Cee, the guys’ cynical and critical form tutor. The series whould start in the guys’ first year (Aged twelve-thirteen) and would probably end at their graduation from Manuel Academy, unless they are held back to further teh series. Unlike such sitcoms like Drake and Josh that are about the lives of teenagers, it would involve serious and adult matters and elemants.

  6. I have an idea for a sitcom. I haven’t come up with a name yet, but i will. It is about a divorced couple and their three kids. The father is a 40-55 year old high school teacher who always comes up with get rich quick scemes that never work. The mother is a 40-45 year old veternarian who often goes too far to stand up what she thinks is right. The oldest son is a 21 year old college graduate who moved back in with his father after his girfriend dumped him. He is always doing stupid and dangerous things. The next son is 13 years old, and is contstantly annoyed by his family’s crazy antics. Their one daughter is 13 years old, and the youngest sons fraternal twin sister. It takes place in modern day Houston.

    Main Characters

    Charlie Thompson (Father): Caucasian, 40-55 yrs, maybe slight southern accent
    Dr. Andrea James (Mother): Caucasian, 35-45 years, energetic
    Mike Thompson (Oldest son): Caucasian, 19-22 years, able to act stupid
    Jesse Thompson: (Younger son): Caucasian, 12-15 years old
    Andrea Thompson: (daughter): Caucasian, 12-15 years old
    Dr. King: (Charlie’s Boss) male, African-American, 55-65 years old, deep voice
    Dr. Keller (Andrea’s boss) female, caucasian, 40-50 years old
    Richard Matthews: (Charlie’s co-worker and lifelong friend) 40-55 years old, african-american
    Austin Davis: (Jesse and Andrea’s friend) same age as Jesse and Andrea, Asian
    Kelly Robinson: (Mike’s ex-girlfriend) 19-24 years old, caucasian, blonde

  7. I have no bloody idea. This happens ALL the time: I post this semi-interesting topics about crap I find on the net, and people think I’m the damn creator of them.

    Really, I should be rich from this; I’m not.

  8. My idea of a sitcom is about an orange cat that likes to eat lasagna and complain about mondays and hates cute cats and beat up a dog named odie and has an owner named john. I say sitcom, but really it’s not very funny at all.

  9. pender is going to be famous….i could only think of a sitcom about a furry ailien that likes to eat cats…but his fur was orange..and he lived with some deweeby guy… pender thanks for the appeasement…I am touching….I mean i am touched…..

  10. My sitcom idea is about a bunch of middle aged losers whose life revolves around a blog. The cast could include the typical wanna-be-film director with a passion/fetish for tomatoes; the nerdy computer guy with a family; a stay at home dad who works one day a week; his brother; and all their wacky zany pretend internet friends. I need to think of a token female (like Elaine) but I will just leave it to an ambiguous “female” called becky (who in the final episode turns out to be a guy – a middle aged midget who works at a comic store and does porn part time).

    Don’t steal this idea. Its trademarked.

  11. I have hiv/aids(who knows which these days?!)Although there have been rough times over the 17 years, looking back, and even currently, the things my family supported me with, such as miracle cures, tell who-don’t tell who,the ignorance which still exists strongly in my home area and so many other issues and experiences have been more than laughable. I have loved to shock people with my diagnosis for educational purposes. At times I remember they gave me less than 6 months to live-well I’m still kickin’; You can’t even count on death. I think society is ready to see what living with aids is like and how laughter really is the best medicine. I was exposed to it several ways-so how is not relevant and I have no problem being public. I am 45 and a white mom and have been married twice since since my late husband died in 1993. You should have known him-he’d start coughing profusely while on line at the grocery store and when concerned people would show concern he’d come back with a line like sorry buddy, but I got the worst case of the aids. You should see the people spread out and let us move up in line. I think using comedy can be an eye opener to educate a long past due society about the trials and victories of living hiv/aids.

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