Creating Photo Mosaics

Mosaic of caitlyn photosCaitlyn and Jody moasicHow-To: Make your own photo mosaics:

A photo mosaic is one large image made out of hundreds and thousands of tiny images from your personal stash, from google images or even frames from a movie. There are a few applications that do this for free, on Macs / PCs, and we’ll show you where to get them and how to use them.

The first image above (click to enlarge – it’s 10 MB) is a mosaic I did of my daughter from a photo taken when she was almost one year old, composed of all the photos I made public of her. The second image is taken from an original on my About page.

The first mosaic took about 10 minutes to be created (processing 227 files) on my antique PC.

(via Darren Barefoot)

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