Cuba: The Sirenis la Salina Resort

I forgot about the rest of the photos from our Xmas 2010 vacation in Cuba. I have a few video clips too. We didn’t take many photos on the resort and all the videos are brief clips that are generally unremarkable. But just to show what it looks like, here it is. This first clip was taken during our first day at the Sirenis la Salina resort in Varadero, Cuba:

The video begins with us riding in a golf cart towards the beach area. Everything looked the same to me and I had no sense of direction while on the resort. I had to follow or ride on the carts so I didn’t get lost. The video ends with us finding a restaurant near the beach. It’s the Mediterranean restaurant, one of five themed restaurants on the resort. We ate there a couple nights later and it was possibly the worst food I’ve ever been served. We also went to the French restaurant, which turned out to be okay. All the restaurants are kind of faking it. They’re pretending to be high class speciality restaurants, but all the food is pre-made and reheated, which is fine with certain meat dishes, but stomach churning when it’s a fish soup. Nuff said. The food in the large buffet hall was good though. Plenty to choose from and we never had a problem finding something new and delicious. Wine is served with every meal after breakfast, and they constantly refilled our classes. We had a pretty good buzz at the end of every meal. All the food and booze were free.

The resort offered plenty of entertainment. The best was a Cuban band that travelled to various restaurants and the buffet. A theatre building played dance music all night (it was far enough that we couldn’t hear it) and various performances were put on every night. Here’s what it looked like on ballet night:

It was all a little bit strange, but relaxing. If we were to go again, we’d skip all the restaurants and stick to the buffet. We wouldn’t sign up to any of the tours (though a trip into the Varadero market might have been alight). And we’d probably pick a resort that didn’t blare out dance music on the beach two or three hours a day. We enjoyed the beach thoroughly because we were always far from the music and the beach was great. I never thought I’d love sitting on my ass on a beach doing nothing, but it was just what we needed.

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